VaperCrew – Show Me The Honey

It was VaperCrew juices that first led me to discovering the ELFC ( E LIQUID FLAVOUR CONCENTRATES ) website, covered in my last blog post, in the first place. I’d seen their pre-mixed juices reviewed very favourably on Planet of the Vapes forums, and in searching for yet more new, varied concentrate brands, found that they were available as one-shots at ELFC!

As it transpired, Ashley at ELFC passed on a few samples for me to mix-up and review, and one of these was ( happily! ) Show Me The Honey.

VaperCrew was founded by former Pro Golfer Matthew Morris who quit smoking via vaping. He saw and felt the benefits, yet was unhappy with the standard of juices available, so took it upon himself to source better ingredients and create his own higher quality juice. Friends and acquaintances tried his mixes, they proved popular, Matt started producing the juices, and here’s where things are today – VaperCrew.


Mixed at recommended 20%, 75vg/25pg, 3mg

Steeped for recommended 14 days


Where to begin. Well, the packaging and contents are all top notch. It just oozes class. That black/white minimalist scheme is spot on. This wouldn’t look amiss on the shelves of Harrods amongst any of their male grooming paraphernalia.

And popping the lid of this sexy tube reveals not only a concentrate bottle all flashed-up to match, but a good quality grey vape-cloth for mopping-up any rogue blobs of e-juice that have accidentally dripped onto your favourite atty and mod. Class.

The money-shot though is in the juice itself. And, much like the visual impact offered by the packaging, the concentrate quality rides equally as high.

In all honesty, when I realised what the flavour profile was for Show Me The Honey, especially as I was aware of all the other tempting flavours in the range, I was a little disappointed. I know, I know, this was a freebie, and was for review purposes. But…melon. Unless it’s a very good mix, I don’t usually go for melon. Yes, I liked one from another manufacturer recently, but it was a little overdone on the ethyl acetate / nail polish remover for my personal taste to ADV. Small stints and that was it.

BUT! Show Me The Honey does it right. In fact it does all elements of the juice right.

Atty & Mod of Choice for the review : O-Atty on a Smok R200

The Melon in here is soft and mild, yet sweet and tasty. It has the moistness of the fresh green skinned, pink fleshed watermelon combined with the natural sweetness of honeydew melon with a hint of ripeness and acetate ( for authenticity, a small amount of this is certainly required ).

Woven into this blend of melons is a really nice subtle strawberry midway between natural and candy.

It could be trick of the tongue, but I feel there may be a hint of kiwi in the mix, but that could be just part of the melon flavourings and I may be just plain wrong.

It’d be too simple to leave it there though. I’m getting an excellent mouthfeel and thickness to the vape, and a level of sweetness that is perfect for the juice. In fact I have rarely come across a vape this well blended. Show Me The Honey doesn’t assault your mouth with “spikey” flavours. It doesn’t need to. The balance, the excellent judgement of ingredients and the final steeped mix is one of the best examples of a so called “premium” oneshot vape I’ve had the pleasure of sampling. It’s strength lies in the subtlety of the mixers craft. It’s pricier than the usual 30ml concentrate at £11.99 though, but on balance, considering the quality, the presentation ( and the handy juice-cloth! ) I reckon it’s money very well spent.

This is one juice I am very grateful to ELFC for sending me, and to Vapercrew for creating. I’m now desperate to try more of the range!


Cheers, PeegoreDONATE!

I was supplied by ELFC – E Liquid Flavour Concentrates

VaperCrew – VaperCrew

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