The Custard Bastard – Bastard Sauce

So, ELFC sent me Bastard Sauce by The Custard Bastard in bottle shot form several weeks ago, a format that is slowly and surely gaining popularity. But what is a bottle shot you may ask? Well, it’s a bottle with a shot of concentrate sat in it. All you have to do is fill it with VG/PG, add nicotine as required, shake and vape/steep. That’s it.

Ok, so theres an element of knowledge still required. You have to know just how much VG/PG to add to get the correct ratio. You also have to know how much nicotine to add to achieve the desired final nicotine mg. But it’s otherwise quite a simple process…honest!

Example –

Bastard Sauce – 120ml bottle

Contains 24ml ( 20% of the finished product ) concentrate ( which is mentioned on the website). These will almost always be PG.

Therefore if you were to fill the bottle with VG, the final mix would be 80%VG/20%PG. Simples…so far.

NOW if you wanted your bottle to contain nicotine, it gets a little more complex.

The formula for nicotine addition is (FINISHED AMOUNT / NICOTINE STRENGTH)*FINAL NICOTINE STRENGTH DESIRED. I’ve put together very quickly a little table for reference below, which also assumes you will be filling the bottle with VG after concentrate and nicotine is applied.

NOTE, The ratios below only apply to PG based nicotine or nicotine shots. VG nicotine or shots will always give 80VG/20PG

72mg nic FINAL RATIO 18mg nicotine shot FINAL RATIO
1.5mg 2ml 75VG/25PG 10ml (1 nic shot) 72VG/28PG
3mg 5ml 75VG/25PG 20ml (2 nic shots) 63VG/37PG
6mg 10ml 72VG/28PG 40ml (4 nic shots) 47VG/53PG
12mg 20ml 63VG/37PG 80ml (8 nic shots) 13VG/87PG

Anyway, hope this gives you a bit of an insight. Just add your desired amount of nicotine and top up with VG. ELFC also have a nicotine shot guide here, or you could download a calculator from an app store etc.

Right, now all that maths malarkey is out of the way… on with the review!


Mixed at 20% ( what was in the bottle! )

Mixed at 75VG, 3mg

Steeped for 5 weeks ( recommended 2-4 weeks )

I knew from the colour of the concentrate in the bottle this was wasn’t going to be a light, airy-fairy, namby pamby custard. It was a deep golden amber, and when I unscrewed the lid a strong vanilla caramel struck me immediately. Wowser.

So I added my vg and vg based nicotine ( and a little PG to bring it to 75vg/25pg  ), gave it a good old shake, and stashed it away in the steep draw. For five weeks.

20170407_140550Today, I have the Uwell D2 RTA loaded with this Bastard Sauce and am giving it a run out. I will likely put this away for a further three weeks as I like a well steeped custard, but it’s gone over the recommended steep time by a week, so will review it here and now.

Bastard Sauce to me is a bit of a throwback. It’s a rich vanilla heavy custard, with an emphasis on the rich and heavy! The vanilla is bold, and the creamy custard is too. It reminds me of the Grant’s style or American custards that have been a staple base for this type of juice for a good while now.

What then brings Bastard Sauce away from custard anonymity is the caramel. It’s a dark, sweet, butter caramel that has almost a molasses treacle edge.

If you like a deep, vanilla heavy custard with an even darker caramel finish, Bastard Sauce by The Custard Bastard may well be right up your alley! I do think this will be stonking given a two or even three months steep, but even at five weeks it’s already quite rich and satisfying.


Cheers, Peegore 

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I got it from here – elfclogo Bastard Shot £7.49, 30ml bottle £7.99


  1. Ok, I will make it short. I don’t believe that your need to steep mixes for months is due to a resultant increase in the quality of the flavour but more, an increase in your anticipation of a better quality of flavour. I believe it is all psychological and that the difference between shaking and vaping and long steep times is negligible.
    Don’t mean to sound rude, and thanks for the review.


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