Smoozie – Maui Waui & Strawberries Gone Wild

This is the third round of reviews for the e-liquids I received from Apollo Ecigs, and we’re going full-on fruity!

Smoozie currently has two flavours in it’s range, and they’re both lip-smackin’ fruit smoothie, or should I say Smoozie,  style vapes.

And I love my fruity vapes. Can’t wait to get stuck in…


60ml VG 80 / PG 20, 0mg

30ml VG 50 / PG 50, 20mg Nic Salts


Priced around £14.99 for 60ml or 30ml nic salts at time of review

The one thing I love about visiting Mexico, the West Indies, Cuba etc is the fresh fruit cocktails, and smoothies first thing on a morning for breakfast.

And what better way to reminisce than filling my tank, squonk or pod with Maui Waui!

This is a beautifully balanced fruit e-liquid, with, to my taste, a slightly up-front Mango. The mango is ripe and succulent, slightly on the syrupy side but divine.

Mixed quite tightly with this is a moist sweet pineapple, and then rounded off with a touch of ripe strawberry.

This is one seriously good fruit cocktail mix, really well done, and it always sits in one of my RTA’s permanently. The Nic Salt version is a regular in my Pod setup too.

Love the Maui Waui!




60ml VG 80 / PG 20, 0mg

30ml VG 50 / PG 50, 20mg Nic Salts


Priced around £14.99 for 60ml or 30ml nic salts at time of review

Lovers of strawberry vapes just need to check this one out.

This is such a clever mix. The Strawberry is full, ripe and sweet, with a hint of raspberry giving it a slightly tart kick.

But then, THEN you get the crisp freshness of apple really adding great moist mouthfeel. Truly beautiful.

Strawberries Gone Wild is an excellent demonstration of how to use complimentary flavours in an e-liquid, keeping the core taste intact whilst raising it up to another level.

Love this like I love Maui Waui… lots!




Loving all the lines that are coming out of Apollo so far, and these two are no different. Maui Waui and Strawberries Gone Wild really impressed me, and I could vape them by the litre! They are just SUCH good mixes.

Can’t wait to review more of the Apollo liquid ranges!

Cheers, Peegore

I got them here – APOLLO


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